3M VHB (Very High Bond) Tape 5952P, tebal: 1.1 mm, size: 24 mm x 33 m, foam: hitam

3M VHB 5952P Acrylic Double Foam Tape adalah Double Foam Tape Terkuat ( tipe Premium VHB ) untuk aplikasi Mounting, Holding, and Joining, baik untuk penggunaan di Indoor dan OUTDOOR. Cocok untuk PERMANEN Bonding untuk semua permukaan.


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3M VHB (Very High Bond) Tape 5952P, 24 mm x 33 m


3M™ VHB™ Tape 5952, very conformable foam, modified acrylic adhesive, black, thickness 0.045 in. (1.1 mm), red PE film liner.

Bonds to wide variety of high, medium, and medium low surface energy substrates (including most powder paints). UL 746C - File MH17478.

Product Details:

  • Bonds well to powder coated surfaces without complex surface preparation.
  • Provides a water seal, saving on sealant costs.
  • For use in a number of applications including: general assembly, shop fitting, furniture mirror fittings, signage, sheet metal fabrications, automotive trim and many more.
  • Fast assembly - saving you time.
  • Sold as single roll.
  • Recommended for use with 3M VHB Surface Cleaner, 3M VHB Applicator Pads and 3M VHB Roller, as detailed in the application guidelines.

3M's VHB Tape provides immediate handling strength by bonding in seconds. It’s quick and easy to apply with no mess or waste. As a result, the solution offers unrivalled time saving benefits and enables fabricators to complete the bonding process in house. This allows them to have complete control of the manufacture, resulting in improved production efficiency. What’s more, with VHB Tape, preparation of surfaces is much easier and safer, with no need to use strong chemicals. And that means less mess and fewer issues with health and safety in the work environment.


Surface Preparation and Tape Application

  • Clean both surfaces to be bonded using 3M™ VHB™ Surface Cleaner with 3M™ VHB™ Applicator Pads.
  • Wipe in a single direction to ensure contaminants are completely cleared and not smeared
  • Apply tape on clean, dry surfaces. Avoid finger contact with the adhesive surface
  • Apply pressure to tape via the 3M™ VHB™ Hand Roller
  • Remove liner, apply second substrate and exert pressure on bond area via the hand roller.
  • Allow for bond strength to build up – at room temperature approximately 50% bond strength is achieved after 20 minutes and full strength is achieved after approx 72 hours. This process will take longer in cold temperatures.


  • Always store VHB Tape in a clean, warm and dry environment
  • Avoid finger contact with the adhesive surface and apply pressure to tape and bond area
  • Only use VHB Tape on applications where appropriate testing has taken place
  • Suggested coverage – approx 60cm2 of VHB Tape required per kilo of weight supported
  • Assume all surfaces are contaminated and therefore cleaning is essential
  • Loose or flaking surfaces, e.g. rust, should be removed with 3M™ VHB™ Abrasive Pads prior to surface cleaning as in above
  • Heavy oil or grease should be removed using 3M™ Industrial Cleaner prior to surface
  • cleaning as in above
  • Compatible substrates with a low surface energy or porous qualities may need to be primed before tape application. Primer may also improve the durability of bonds to glass.
  • When not in use, keep rolls in a box ensuring they are separated by the paper liner.

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