3M Car Mat for PEUGEOT 307 SW - 3 Rows

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3M NOMAD Car Mat for PEUGEOT 307 SW


3 rows , terdiri dari 2 bagian sisi depan, 1 bagian sisi tengah, dan 1 bagian sisi belakang


- Harga untuk 1 set

(Note : Semua order 3M NOMAD Car Mat memerlukan tambahan 2 hari kerja untuk proses pemotongan dari raw material)


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Dengan membeli produk ini anda dapat mengumpulkan 10 loyalty points. Total point yang akan didapat adalah 10 points setara dengan voucher diskon senilai Rp 25.000.

Rp 2.530.000 termasuk pajak.

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We are Customising 100% Original 3M Nomad Carmat to fit all cars interior and boot. We will make sure the mats will cover all interior like your existing mat. 3M carmat offers more cushion and long lasting performance as it scrapes, traps, hides and holds dirt from shoes.

Why spend so much on a car and choose a cheaper carmat. This is the original 3M stuff, not replica or look-a-like. 3M carmat are alot tougher and thicker than normal mats. They are fire resistant and the base of the mat is made of non-slip material.

Why are we able to provide 3M mats at this great price?
1. In order to sell at a price which is more economical for everyone, we do not have the heel plate and spikes below the mat. As both of this will increase the price of the mat.

2. The 3M mats are ordered in bulk, so the price is lower.

The colors which are currently available are Black and Beige