Magic Scotch Tape 3M 810 (Isolasi) 3/4" x 36Y - Harga Isolasi Bening Kecil Kuat Murah di Jual Online (grosir)


Scotch® Magic™ Tape (Isolasi) are good for most home and office uses, craft projects and home repair.

Can be written on with pen, pencil or marker. 


(48 Roll/Ctn)

- Harga per Ctn

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#810 Scotch® Magic™ Tape (Isolasi)


Scotch® Magic™ Tape is the original matte finish, invisible tape. It is the preferred tape for offices, home offices, and schools. Write on it with pen, pencil or marker.

Scotch® Magic™ Tape. Keep the productivity on a roll with Scotch® Tapes. Mend it, seal it and secure it with this permanent transparent tape. Non-yellowing tape disappears when applied, and stays invisible over time. Can be written on.


              Synthetic Acrylic Adhesive

                             aggressive adhesion to many surfaces

                             long aging, non-yellowing

                             resists discoloration of surface

              Matte Acetate Film Backing

                             moisture resistant



                             easy dispenser cutting

              Release Coating

                             easy unwind

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