PF 19.0 Laptop/Desktop Privacy Screen - fits 19.0" LCD(Filter Anti Spy Laptop/Desktop)


PF 19.0 Laptop/Desktop Privacy Filters - fits 19.0" LCD (302mm X 376.6mm) (Filter Anti Spy Laptop/Desktop)


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Product Details:

  • Patented 3M Micro-louvre technology makes on-screen data visible only when directly in front of screen.
  • Feel secure knowing that your valuable data is not being overlooked.
  • Improves contrast and privacy without blurring or distorting images on the screen.
  • Guards against scratches and damage to the screen.
  • Reduces glare to help prevent eyestrain and headaches related to monitor use.
  • Easy to remove, though can be left in place while laptop is closed.

Any idea who’s been looking at your screen today? Did you know there is a 4 in 5 chance that someone, somewhere, will have been trying to snatch a glance at your laptop, phone or PC today? Thankfully, 3M has a fast, affordable solution that will help protect your data instantly, whichever electronic devices you’re using. Fit a 3M Privacy Filter, problem solved. Simple!!

To get the right size, pls. measure your netbook/notebook screen and choose from below table.

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