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Industrial Filters


    * Uniform density depth type polypropylene and polyester

      " rigid" cartridge, free of media migration.

    * Absolute rated from 2 microns.

    * Capable of operating under high differential pressures,

      ideal for high viscosity solids and fluids.

    * Typical applications include magnetic media dispersions,

      photographic emulsions, photo resists, resins, specialty

      chemicals, high purity water systems, pharmaceutical prefiltration,

      paints & inks, and food & beverage processing.



    * Nominally and absolute rated, migration free pleated

      polypropylene media industrial (2 5/8" diameter) cartridge.

    * Ideally suited for magnetic media dispersions, photographic

      emulsions, photo resists, food & beverage processing, and

      prefiltration for D.I. water and pharmaceuticals.

    * Large surface area for enhanced flow and efficiency.



    * Rigid, resin-bonded fiber, depth-type filter cartridge with

      nominal ratings from 1 to 150 microns.

    * This true graded density cartridge is available in a variety

      of construction materials.

    * Available in three formulations to ideally suit your application.

    * Typical applications include process water, photographic

      emulsions, oxide slurries, inks and dyes, plastic, air & gasses,

      and food & beverages.



    * Conventional wound yarn filter.

    * Nominal ratings from 0.5 to 350 microns.

    * Available in various yarn types using single strand technology for uniform performance.

    * Typical applications include well service, electronic manufacturing, petrochemical, paints & inks, plating utilities, and photographic industries.



    * Efficient removal of particles, in the 1 to 20 micron range, from viscous fluids.

    * UW designed to remove water from oils.

    * Typical applications include the filtration of dielectric oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids,     lubricating oils, cutting tool oils, machine oils, quenching oils, and turbine oils.



    * A major advancement in wound cartridge technology: integral media blanket for enhanced consistent results.

    * Consistently exhibits increased dirt loading capacity and high flow rates.

    * Nominally rated from 0.5 to 350 microns.

    * Typical applications include aggressive chemicals, petrochemical, photographic emulsions, paints, inks, and food & beverage.



    * Uniquely designed activated carbon cartridge that is completely self-contained.

    * Removes chlorine, color, and odors caused by dissolved organics.

    * Includes 5 micron pre- and post- filters for carbon fine removal.

    * Provides approximately 33 cubic inches of activated carbon


Industrial Housings


    * Available in either cast-iron and steel, or 304 stainless

      steel construction.

    * Centerpost design for easy cartridge changeout.

    * Choice of one- or two-high cartridge models.

    * Three-piece construction for easy cleaning.



    * PE and PT Models are cast iron and steel housings

      designed for industrial oils or non-aqueous applications.

    * Available separately or mounted as mobile units, ideal for

      transformer oil filtration.

    * PTS Model is a 304 stainless steel housing designed for

      aqueous or corrosive applications. Single V-band clamp




    * Ideal for high-pressure applications (1000 psi @ 250°F).

    * Dual purpose/use for liquids or compressed air and gas.

    * Durable steel construction.

    * Housing design prevents cartridge erosion.

    * Uses single cartridge of a variety of cartridge types.



    * Choice of either forged brass and 304 stainless steel or

      all 316 stainless steel construction for versatile applications.

    * Drilled and tapped mounting pads, ready for mounting

      bracket installation.

    * Choice of one-high or two-high models.

    * Available in 300 psi design.



    * Lightweight, high-impact plastic construction.

    * Polypropylene sump provides superior chemical resistance.

    * Available in opaque or transparent sumps.

    * 1M1 uses one 9 3/4" cartridge, 1M2 uses one 19 1/2" cartridge.



    * Rugged, low cost cast iron and steel construction.

    * Three-piece construction is easily assembled or disassembled, making cleaning quick and easy.

    * Shouldered seal plates assure alignment and positive seal.



    * 304 stainless steel construction.

    * Single V-band clamp closure for quick cartridge changeout.

    * Shouldered steel plates assure alignment and positive seal.

    * Available in a variety of sizes, from 4DC1 (four EQSL cartridges) to 22DC4 (88 EQSL cartridges).



    * Uses filter cartridges or filter bags.

    * Features removable diaphragm cartridge pack for rapid changeout.

    * ASME Code constructed for user safety.

    * Available in carbon steel or 316 stainless steel construction.

    * Designed for seven-around, one-high (seven), or seven around, two-high (14) cartridges.



    * Available in a wide variety of design choices.

    * Housing constructed to fit the special requirements of customer's system as a standard product

    * High-quality ASME Code vessel.

    * Cover lifting device and unique Fast-Hex cover fasteners for easy cartridge removal.

    * Choice of carbon steel or 316L stainless steel.



    * All metal construction for versatility.

    * All models with petcock or plug for convenient servicing.

    * Designed for flow rates to 650 SCFM.



    * Cleanable edge-type metal filter--no disposal problems!

    * One turn of the handle cleans the cartridge and restores full flow. Eliminates process shut-down, cleaning, purging, and limits worker exposure to the processed material.

    * Ideal for removing particles as small as 37 microns (0.0015").

    * Typical applications include resins, greases, inks, tar, waxes, soaps, oils, and fuels.



    * Housing for disposable filter pack.

    * Housing does not come in contact with substance being filtered; requires no cleaning.

    * Reduced changeout time.

    * Uses standard filters in filter pack.

    * Easy to use.

    * Available in a variety of sizes, from one-around by one-high, to seven-around by three-high.



    * All polyvinylchloride construction offers economic filtration for corrosive applications. No metal wetted parts.

    * Available in two-high (20' nominal) or three-high (30' nominal) heights.


ASME Code Housing

    * Ensures Ruggedly Built Product for Durable and Safe Operation

    * Quick and Easy Change-out of Filter Cartridges Reduces Downtime and Labor Costs

    * Allows for Installation of Most Suitable Cartridge to Meet Application Requirements

    * Allows for Easy and Cost Effective Installation