3M Scotch Double Tape 4032 Mounting Tape Urethane Foam 12mm x 22m

3M 4032 Urethane Foam, tipe Terbaik untuk aplikasi Indoor Mounting & Holding, dan dapat menempel ke berbagai permukaan: metal, kayu, acrylic, dinding, dsb.  Dapat diaplikasikan untuk permukaan yg kasar dan tidak rata.


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1/32 in thick open cell urethane foam flexible carrier with high shear, 100 high temperature resistant acrylic adhesive and 3.0 mil, 62 lb densified kraft liner. Use to fill gaps and bond irregular surfaces. Distributes stress uniformly over bonded area.

Product Details:

  • Cut to length double sided tape.
  • For mounting a wide variety of materials in craft, hobby or office applications.
  • Strong enough to hold noticeboards, clocks etc.
  • Simply cut to length to suit the item to be mounted.

Benefits and Features:

  • High sheer strength
  • Durable on interior mounting applications
  • Clean appearance
  • General Industrial
  • Bonding, attaching, mounting

Application  ideas :

-          Bond acoustic panels to walls

-          Mount air fresheners

-          Mount soap dispensers

-          Mount interior signs and name plates

-          Attach wire clips to various surfaces

-          Mount electrical channel to wall

-          Mount Point of Purchase display and signs

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