Scotch Tape 27 High Temperature Glass Cloth Tape - 18 mm x 66 ft

Scotch Tape 27 High Temperature Glass Cloth Tape - 18 mm x 66 ft, 50 rolls per box


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Scotch® Glass Cloth Tape 27


is edge-tear resistant, comformable, abrasion resistant; for use as a coil cover, anchor, banding and core, layer and crossover insulation. This tape is used for heat-stable insulation for furnace and oven controls, motor leads, and switches


Ideal for electrical maintenance applications, this is a 7 mil woven glass cloth tape with a rubber thermosetting pressure-sensitive adhesive. UL Recognized 130°C. Printable.

Is a woven glass cloth tape designed to operate in 600-volt dry applications, requiring high mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures. The glass cloth is specially treated and prepared to provide corrosion-free protection. It will not shrink, rot, or burn and has a high tensile strength. Contains pressure-sensitive thermosetting adhesive which performs as Class B temperature (266ºF / 130ºC). Provides hear stable insulation for hot spot applications. Tape Type: Electrical; Adhesive Material: Pressure-Sensitive Thermosetting; Thickness: 7 mil; Color(s): White.


Global Product Type


Tape Type


Adhesive Material

Pressure-Sensitive Thermosetting


7 mil



Tensile Strength

150 lb/in


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