3M Door Handle Protection Tape - 4 Each/Pack - Pelindung Handle Pintu Mobil dari Lecet

  • Scratch resistance
  • Clear colour
  • Easy to apply
  • Suitable for most cars
  • Applicable to protect other body parts

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Rp 95.000 termasuk pajak.

-Rp 155.000

Rp 250.000 termasuk pajak.

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3M Door Handle Protection tape is powered by high performance protective film and reliable adhesive.

The film is characterized by transparent, high gloss surface and has good conformability. It is resistant against scratching, high temperature exposure, and suitable for painted surfaces. Moreover the film conformability provides easiness to apply on complex shapes and wrap-around. 

Its adhesive has reliable bond under environmental stress like changing temperature or moisture. 

3M Door Handle Protection tape is also applicable to protect other painted body parts

like door edge and side mirror housing.



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