3M Scotch Box Sealing Tape 313 Clear (Isolasi Box), 72 mm x 100 m, Tebal: 0,065 mm - Lakban Bening Murah

3M Scotch Box Sealing Tape 313 Clear (Isolasi Box), 72 mm x 100 m, Tebal: 0,065 mm


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Scotch Box Sealing Tape 313 Clear


Clear polypropylene tape with pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive bonds instantly, holds through wide temperature swings, and resists UV light. Tensile strength of 35 lb/inch in machine direction; 56 lb/inch cross direction.

Good adhesion to recycled liner paper and fiberboard. Maintains performance and appearance better than most tapes when exposed to UV light. Good aging in fluorescent light. Biaxially oriented polypropylene backing is easy to handle and dispense. Strong polypropylene film backing resists center seam splitting. Pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive seals instantly.

Benefits and Features:


  • High performance acrylic box sealing tape that is suitable for hard to stick to surfaces and cold temperature applications.
  • A box sealing tape that can be custom printed to provide security and/or branding.
  • A carton sealing tape that provides high quality, consistent performance with easy unwind.
  • General industrial, food, beverage, medical pharmaceutical, paper, print, electronics and distribution centers.
  • Carton sealing tape, box sealing tape and box closing tape.


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